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Patrick LoSasso’s Endorsements

Learn how SmartXPD's customized exercise classes helped those living with Parkinson's Disease feel better, walk better, and become more flexible.

Sandra has been using the SmartX-PD program for two years and notices a wonderful difference in the way she moves and feels.

Sandra B.

Age 69

Diagnosed 5 Years Ago

Patrick’s program is really unique and effective. There’s nothing like it. I use it everyday, even at the office.

Vick D.

Age 79

Diagnosed 1 Year Ago

Mark has Parkinson’s but also other neurological complications he’s had from birth. His sense of humor and optimism shines bright and is a rare example to all. He’s a true champion who courageously faces life’s challenges, and fights back.

Mark P.

Age 60

Diagnosed 4 Years Ago

Patrick has developed exercise programs that help people with Parkinson’s maintain and improve their functionality and lead a better life.

Dr. Jeff Bronstein

M.D. Neurology, UCLA

One of the most innovative trainers I had the pleasure of meeting, Patrick truly understands the needs of those that have neurological complications and tailors exercise programs to specifically address the symptoms that are occurring.

Dr. William Hornstein

M.D. Neurology, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Patrick is a tremendous leader in the world of advocacy for people living with Parkinson’s disease. I have seen his dedication first hand and he is a champion in the fight to make lives better.

Neptune Mizrahi

PhD, Research Scientist

Patrick is extremely knowledgeable in kinesiology, especially as it applies to those of with Parkinson’s. I have been using his Brainball program (along with other exercise regimens) and consider it an integral part of my program. I credit it with keeping me very mobile and balanced after 7 years.

Steve Porter

Moderator-YOPD Moderator Torrance, CA

After years of struggling through various workout routines, Patrick has reinvigorated my interest in health and wellness. He helped me set up a realistic workout schedule, refined my diet, and has been an enthusiastic partner for all my weight loss goals. We’ve primarily focused on boxing and his enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport is contagious. For the first time in my life, I’m excited to go to the gym.

Lee E.

Age 30

Patrick brings exceptionally knowledge and patience to his sessions. He is very observant and mindful of your strengths and weaknesses. He is able to push you to excellence while keeping training fun. I worked with him several times a week for over three years in strength training and boxing and I saw enormous improvement in my athleticism, my attitude, and my overall approach to fitness. He helped me shave minutes off my triathlon time as well. With boxing, he took me from a hitting mitts to getting in the ring and sparring against experienced opponents.

Sebastian R.

Age 35

I’m a pretty athletic person and love to challenge myself both physically and mentally. When I started training with Patrick he showed me new exercises (ones that I would never consider on my own) to increase my overall strength and increase my running speed. Patrick designed a comprehensive and easy to follow exercise program that has helped me exceed goals that I thought were unobtainable. When training with Patrick I always feel that he is truly concerned about my health and overall well being. He’s not just going through the motions, like other trainers I’ve worked with, which makes training with him fun and motivating. I continually recommend him to anyone who is interested in taking their fitness to the next level.

David A.

Age 40

I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I exercise at least 5 times per week with four
of Patrick’s Programs and feel this has contributed to my slow progression.
My daughter has a doctorate in PT and was also impressed with the program.. I love the variety and could not believe I received a personal phone call from Patrick when I needed assistance. The programs address all areas of concern with Parkinson’s, balance, posture agility, strength, brain exercises, eye hand coordination etc, Love the Regeneration Tango.

Diane L.

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