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On-Demand Platform FAQ

Can I train with Patrick one-on-one?

Yes. Patrick is available for one on one exercise sessions via Zoom or FaceTime. The workouts are 55 minutes and the first session runs longer because there is an assessment, a Parkinson’s history evaluation, a SmartXPD® orientation and a workout. You will be provided an individualized workout that addresses your current status. Sessions can be recorded and provided free of charge.

Is it easy to cancel my on-demand subscription?

Canceling is easy and hassle free. Simply access your user profile and click the “Cancel Subscription” button. If you are a monthly customer, you will have access to the videos for the remainder of your subscription month. Annual subscribers will have access through the remainder of the year from the initial date of subscription.

How many new videos do you add a month to the video on-demand program?

In addition to containing every SmartXPD® Parkinson’s exercise program ever created, the on-demand platform contains a growing library of exclusive content you’ll only find here. New workouts, tips and movement techniques are added every month so there is always some thing fresh and new to learn and explore.

Do I really need the SmartXPD® exercise equipment to use the video on-demand service?

Many of the workouts are hands-free-bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment. But many of the workouts incorporate the equipment, all designed and developed by Patrick to specifically target the symptoms. To get the most out of your membership, you will want to get the equipment.

SmartXPD® DVD Programs FAQ

Which DVD program should I start with?

Beginning an exercise program can seem daunting to some. Selecting a program that you will look forward to performing is critical to increasing the chances of adherence and success. If you’re tentative, the 5 Minute Parkinson’s Workout is a great place to start. The program contains 10 – five (5) minute workouts and you can simply perform one or as many as you like. Each workout, although not overly intense, is designed to make you feel better fast with evidence based exercises.

But if you’re more dedicated and motivated, the Parkinson’s Exercise Ball or the Brain&Body Bar programs will provide hours of workouts that will challenge you with higher intensity exercise.

What is included in the Towel & Ball DVD?

This program is a 50-minute workout in the chair and comes with a professional gym towel and a wiffle ball which are both incorporated into the workout. Although it’s performed in the chair, Patrick leads you through a challenging workout designed to fight back the symptoms and improve your health and function. You don’t have to perform the entire workout to make a difference. There are water breaks which cut away to tranquil scenes where you can pause the workout and return the next day.

Why do the Parkinson’s Exercise Ball and the Brain& Body Bar DVD programs cost more?

These are Patrick’s most comprehensive programs and contain hours of workouts both standing and seated. The programs come with handmade equipment, The Bar and the Parkinson’s Exercise Ball, both designed by Patrick to improve strength, balance, fine motor, posture and flexibility.

My spouse refuses to exercise. Which program will gently encourage him to start?

This question was the inspiration for my 5-Minute Parkinson’s Workout DVD. Some time ago I was speaking to a woman who’s husband had Parkinson’s and she exclaimed, “If I could just get him to do a few minutes of your exercises I know he’d like it!”

How much do I have to exercise?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week— just about 30 minutes, five days a week. More is better, but this seems to be the sweet spot.

There is no “exercise prescription” that is right for every person with PD. The type of exercise you do depends on your symptoms and challenges. For sedentary people, just getting up and moving is beneficial. More active people can build up to regular, vigorous activity. Many approaches work well to help maintain and improve mobility, flexibility and balance to ease non-motor PD symptoms such as depression or constipation.
– Parkinson’s Foundation

How hard do I need to exercise?

Each individual’s requirements for effort level is unique. Typically I recommend to start by exercising at an intensity level at 10%-20% above your normal activity level. This will be enough to facilitate increases in strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic capacity. You can of course work a bit harder, but I encourage anyone starting an exercise program to begin conservatively. Exercise has an inherent risk of injury so push yourself, but don’t be afraid to take the challenges slowly and progressively. As you gain more strength and confidence you can push harder.

Does exercise cure Parkinson’s?

There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s. Beware of false claims. Regrettably, there are many predatory sources online promising cures with teas, herbs or techniques that are unproven and deceptive.

But thankfully, exercise has been shown to slow the progression of the disease.
”Pre-clinical work demonstrates that exercise has protective effects on brain cells. It boosts trophic factors, which are like “fertilizer” for brain cells and increases the number and activity of mitochondria, the cells’ energy sources. It also helps you use the dopamine your brain already has, more efficiently. (Dopamine is the brain chemical responsible for normal movement that decreases in Parkinson’s.) Clinical studies also suggest that symptoms may progress more slowly in people who exercise.” – MJF Website


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