Patrick LoSasso
Trainer, CSCS, *D

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Patrick is the creator of evidence based
products that make lives better for people
living with Parkinson's.
I love my work!
- Patrick
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Patrick has developed exercise programs that help people with Parkinson’s maintain and improve their functionality and lead a better life.
-Dr. Jeff Bronstein M.D. Neurology, UCLA

Patrick’s SmartX-PD Exercise Products and DVDs are designed to get you up and moving in a fun and effective way. Each is laser focused on addressing the symptoms that can occur with the disease and specifically designed to address the issues that can occur.

Parkinson's Exercise by Patrick Losasso

Folks with Parkinson’s Disease share their experience with Patrick’s SmartX-PD program, in their own words. They feel better, walk better, feel more flexible, and in many cases, in only one session.

Parkinson's Exercise by Patrick Losasso

Learn more about Patrick’s background and the journey that has led him to the development of the revolutionary SmartX-PD Exercise System.

SmartXPD Parkinson’s / Senior Exercise Class
Strength, Mobility, Agility, Reaction Technique, this fun and interactive exercise class for Parkinson’s and seniors
will get you up and moving, challenging your body and your mind.

Time: Wed 10:30 am, Fri 10:30 am. $3 per student.
Location: West Side Jewish Community Center: 5870 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90036



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